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Melissa and Toby  was married in March 2009 in Canada.   The wedding attire for Melissa, Toby and their bridesmaids and groomsmen was provided by Medieval Bridal Fashions.


Melissa wore a customized  Now and Forever gown, made in Navy satin and with silver embroidery featuring vines and butterflies. Her cloak was made in silver crushed velvet  and had a navy vine trim.  She wore the Innocence circlet and necklace.

Her husband Toby's attire was inspired by the one worn by Aragorn in the Return of the King.  His tunic was made in navy velvet and had a standing collar. The embroidery on the chest is the Tree of Gondor. The collar and the short sleeves of the velvet tunic had silver vine embroidery that went very well with the motif on Melissa's dress.. His undertunic was made in silver dupioni silk and its sleeves had velvet cuffs with silver vine embroidery on them.

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen's attire was also designed and created by Medieval Bridal Fashions, to compliment Melissa's and Toby's style and colors.