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Monique was married in October  2008  and shared these beautiful moments from her wedding.

The pictures are simply amazing  and are taken by Tate at Dream Imagery Photography 

Monique had a custom design made and looked spectacular in a gown of iridescent  silk - orange shot with green. Her corset had an asymmetrical ivy design in the front and the back. The skirt had a split front and had the same ivy design at the bottom and on the train.  The sleeves were detached, off the shoulder and with flowing chiffon bottom.

Monique also had a cloak made in green velvet with satin lining. The cloak had a custom made clasp with matching ivy design.

A circlet and necklace made in Sterling and Brass completed her outfit.

For those of you who know Monique, it will take you no effort to see her mischievous and sparkling personality behind her serene expression.  For those of you who do not know her, look closer for that twinkle in her eye. For me personally, it was great fun and enormous pleasure working with her. Please join me in thanking her for sharing her pictures with us!