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Shannon Wedding Circlet Crown, inspired by Celtic and LOTR themes

The "Shannon"  Bridal Circlet

SilverMoon Medieval Celtic Circlet   

   "SilverMoon" Celtic Wedding Circlet


The Medieval Bridal Fashions collection of Celtic wedding circlets and tiaras provides a fresh and beautiful alternative to the traditional wedding tiaras. Different and unique, jewelry that is worn across the forehead has been gaining popularity in recent years. These are a perfect accessory for a hand fasting, themed or alternative weddings for the offbeat bride in all of us! Our Celtic wedding headpieces have steadily been making way among contemporary brides. As a great compliment to the bride, these Celtic bridal headpieces reflect one's Scottish or Irish ancestry, and instantly transforms you into a modern day princess bride!

My designs provide a modern interpretation of various themes. Elements of Renaissance, Medieval and Gothic period, Celtic legends and music, fantasy books and movies such as the Lord of the Rings, magical fairytales, the beauty of flowers and leaves found in nature, all  combine into a contemporary twist and are made into works of wearable art. Each creation is meticulously hand crafted, using materials such as Sterling Silver, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals. These heirloom quality designs are guaranteed to enchant and draw countless compliments! As always, all my designs are hand made in the USA using traditional silversmithing techniques. The wedding jewelry that we make, are never outsourced, nor mass produced in overseas factories.

It is my belief that every bride deserves to have her wedding day exactly the way she wants it, without any compromises. In order to help make that become a reality, custom orders are a big part of what I do. If you do not see the jewelry of your dreams listed here, I will be happy to consult with you and design that one of a kind piece especially for you!

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more circlets on  Page 2     Page 3

Sabrina Wedding Bridal Circlet Crown

The Sabrina  Bridal circlet


The  Innocence Wedding Circlet made in Sterling silver

The  Innocence Wedding Circlet


Moonlight wedding bridal circlet crown headpiece

Moonlight Circlet


The Evermore circlet crown

The Evermore circlet


The Elven Whisper circlet

Elven Whisper wedding circlet

Ithildin Elven-inspired Wedding Bridal Circlet Crown

Ithildin  Wedding Circlet


Earendil circlet  made in Sterling Silver and lab-grown white opall

Earendil  Medieval Circlet


Forever My Heart Elven circlet

Forever My Heart Bridal Circlet



The Morning circlet shown made in Sterling and with blue lab zircons

Morning circlet


The Starlight circlet crown shown made in Sterling silver and white cubic zirconia

Starlight Circlet

   The Lady of the Woods circlet crown


Lady of the Woods Circlet


The Enchanted Ivy circlet headpiece


Enchanted Ivy circlet


Circlet or Tiara?  or maybe a Crown?

There are a few factors  to consider when selecting the type of Celtic wedding headpiece that you will be wearing at your wedding:

Circlets:   All headpieces named "circlets" in my collection have open backs and are held in place with fully adjustable extension chains. The advantage of this headpiece design is that it will work with any hairstyle.  All you have to do is to adjust the extension chain, and voila! a perfect fit each time. At the same time they offer the flexibility to be worn across the forehead, or higher up, above the hairline

CrownsThe pieces described as "crown", are full-circle, closed back headpieces. Their circumference is set and cannot be adjusted.  Once the crown is made, it can be worn in only one way.  These headpiece usually work best if you wear your hair long and loose. Their ornate backs provide a stunning accent from the back.

Tiaras:  The tiaras usually look best with a hairstyle that provides the hair with some height behind the tiara, thus providing a background for the tiara to be stand out.  High up-do, or half-up half-down hairstyles look best with taller tiaras. The lower-height tiaras work well with short hairstyles.

Princess Crowns:  The same things that were said above about the tiaras can be said about the princess crowns.  In addition, you can wear the princess crown slightly tilted and off-center to provide for a fun and flirty look.

Headbands :   A headband will look great with any hairstyle and will work exceptionally well with short hair. Depending on the headband you choose, you may be able to wear it after the wedding to a formal event or a night-out.


Selecting a wedding headpiece

After you have decided to wear a circlet, or a tiara, or a crown, now is the  time to choose that particular design that will be the perfect finish to your bridal look.  There are a few things to consider:

- Your hairstyle - The hairstyle you will be having at the wedding is a major factor when selecting a headpiece. Are you planning on having a high do, or a half-up half-down style?  Bridal headpieces that have open backs - tiaras, hair vines, headbands and princess crowns are most suited for these styles.  Will you be wearing bangs?  If you plan on having bangs, then unless you plan on having them as a fringe, you might want to select a headpiece that can be worn above the hairline - such as  a tiara, headband or a circlet  that does not have a pronounced point (examples:  Forever My Heart, Earendil, Forest Magic, Season of Mists

- Overall look with your dress:  Does the design you feel inclined to select, match your dress in look and feel? Do they seem to belong together?  Try selecting a more understated circlet to complement an ornate gown, or a headpiece that is rich in detail to instantly dress-up a gown with simple, contemporary line.

- Other bridal accessories you will be wearing :   If you already have other jewelry you will be wearing (like family heirlooms for example), will the headpiece look good with them?  Perhaps, if you will be wearing a family heirloom necklace which happens to be a rather strong accent, you should look at a somewhat understated bridal headpiece.

- The theme or the place for your wedding :  Do you have a specific theme for your wedding?  For example : pick our amazing  Butterfly Mask  as an accessory to a Masquerade theme for your wedding reception.  A multitude of nature-inspired bridal jewelry designs would compliment greatly for any wedding!

- Your features - it is important that the headpiece you select works well with your features and makes you look your best.  If you like a few headpieces and would like to see how they will look on you, I can help!  Just let me know which headpieces you are interested in, and send me a picture of yourself (front works best).  I will do some Photoshop magic and superimpose the headpieces over your jpeg photo. This way you will be able to see what they would look like on you and make an informed decision. This method is second-best to actually trying the headpiece on in person!

With the above being said, anytime you need my help, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I will gladly consult with you on making the best choice. If you do not find your dream headpiece in my collection, a custom design may be created for you!


Wearing a wedding circlet

I have often been asked what is the best way of wearing a circlet. It really depends on the particular design. Typically throughout history, Celtic wedding circlets were worn across the forehead. However, in modern days, there is a lot of flexibility on how they are worn.  If a design does not have a well-defined point (such as the Earendil Circlet, the Forever My Heart, or the Elven Whisper bridal headpiece), you can wear it across the forehead,  above the hairline, or almost the way you would wear a headband.

If the design has a defined point in the middle and is worn across the forehead, it is best if they aren't worn too low, so that the point comes in between your eyes. Remember, the circlet is meant to be an accent and should not distract the attention from your face and eyes.  The best position for your bridal circlet is just below or 1 inch below the hairline.


Wearing a Crown

The wedding crown designs can be split into 3 categories:

Elvish & fantasy inspired designs :  Brought to popularity by the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, these are actually full circle circlets. They typically have a slimmer front and a large ornate back. Those are worn across the forehead, with the point coming just below the hairline.  The hairstyle they work best with the hair worn down. An example of this type of crown would be the Crown of Leaves wedding crown, which was inspired by the one worn by Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings.

Period (medieval/ renaissance) influenced designs :  Most often referred to as coronets, these designs most resemble the traditional crowns. Worn at the top of the head, they very often incorporate peaks decorated with gemstones or crystals. An example of this style of headpiece is the Ivy Coronet.

Princess Crowns :   Inspired by the fairytales, these are the small, romantic crowns that you would imagine being worn by Cinderella or the Sleeping Beauty.  They are worn at the top of the head. You can tilt them slightly for a fun, contemporary and flirty look. They look best if  your hair is styled in such a way, so as to have some height behind the crown. High up-do and half-up, half-down hairstyles work best with these designs.


Wearing a veil with your wedding crown?

One of the most often asked questions is how to attach a veil to a wedding circlet. In my experience what works best is to attach the veil to a comb, which would go into you hair.  This way you have the freedom to position the veil higher up or lower down, and experiment with what works best and looks best with your hairstyle and bridal headpiece.

With the veil being on a comb, it is really easy and convenient to take it off, without disturbing your hairdo or your headpiece.  After the ceremony, should you decide to have the veil off, you can do it in a matter of seconds!


Looking for wedding veil alternatives?

One of the most debated subjects is whether to wear a wedding veil for the ceremony or not. Today there are so many alternatives to the traditional veils in the form of different bridal hair combs and vines, fascinators, cage veils etc.   The decision ultimately belongs to the bride alone.  I just thought I'd mention a study I read not too long ago.  In this study, 70% of the grooms were admitting that the moment they really look forward to, is lifting the veil and kissing the bride.  I was surprised to learn that guys share such romantic notions :-)  So, before you make your decision, you may want to discreetly inquire into your groom's feelings on the subject!

On the other hand, one of the most romantic bridal pictures is the picture of  your glowing face behind the veil. So, if you decide not to wear a veil at the ceremony, I would advise you to still purchase one and to use it for your bridal portraits. You do not have to wear the veil at the wedding, just use it to snap that magical picture. Just think of it - pictures of you wearing your stunning wedding tiara  will remain with you forever!


Sizing information

All my bridal circlets that have open backs come with fully adjustable extension chains. The chains hold the headpiece securely in place and ensure a better fit.  When ordering open back bridal circlets, I do not need any measurements from you.

The full-circle wedding crowns, on the other hand, cannot be adjusted and  must be made to your measurements. For those, I send instructions on the measurements I need and how you should take them.


Caring for your wedding jewelry  

Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5 % Silver and 7.5% Copper and other metals. The presence of copper in the alloy enhances the durability and workability of the silver. However, over time the copper reacts with the Oxygen in the air and makes the metal tarnish. The tarnish will express itself as darkening or yellowing of the bright surface of the silver.

Removing tarnish from Sterling silver and brass is extremely easy. The best thing is to buy TarnX - it is a liquid silver cleaner. It comes in a black bottle and is sold at  the grocery and convenience stores - Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS etc, in the cleaning isle.   Take a soft non-abrasive sponge, like the one you use to do the dishes. Dip one end of it in the TarnX and run it over the tarnished surface. The tarnish will disappear right away. Continue until you clean the whole piece. Then rinse in running water and dry with a soft towel.  Dry well to avoid the water leaving spots on the metal.  To bring the surface back to a very high shine, after drying rub the piece with a polishing cloth.

The whole process takes about 2-3 minutes.

To prevent your Celtic wedding jewelry from tarnishing, keep it in an air-tight box. Do not expose it to high humidity - if you wear it in the rain or in the shower :-), it will speed up the tarnishing process.


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