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Forget Me Not Gown


The Forget Me Not Gown is another romantic design with a strong fairytale inspiration. A perfectly structured corset is combined with a very full skirt for that desired slim and yet sumptuous silhouette.  The skirt can be given even more fullness by adding to the layers underneath.


The gown is made in an incredibly beautiful iridescent silk in aqua/periwinkle shades. The corset is adorned with crystal flowers and organza butterflies. Small pearls trim the front V-shape of the corset and Swarovski crystal give sparkle and texture to the neckline.


The sleeves are optional and are detachable with lacing on the inside.




If you want to look as a fairytale princess at your wedding and make a dramatic entrance that nobody will forget, consider this gown.



Pricing:   USD 2,300.00 made in iridescent dupioni silk


Other fabrics suitable for this gown : silk taffeta - please inquire for pricing


Unexpected twist for this gown :  a dark, dramatic color such as vibrant dark purple would give an unusual gothic feel



Forget Me Not corseted period fairytale inspired wedding gownDetail of the corset showing the butterflies and flowers accents   One more picture showing the Forget Me Not gown

     Forget Me Not fairytale gown as seen from the side. Shown without the sleeves on in a fairytale forest setting                    Please contact me  if you have questions on colors and availability!