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December, 2005

The cover of NorthWestBride magazine, showing Celtic circlet and necklace by Elnara

Celtic circlet and necklace by Elnara featured in NorthWest Bride Magazine!



image coming soon





Renaissance Magazine features the Season of Mists corseted gown by Elnara


  Circlet or Tiara?  or maybe a Crown?

There are a few factors  to consider when selecting the type of the headpiece that you will be wearing at your wedding:

Circlets:   All headpieces named "circlets" in my collection have open backs and are held in place with fully adjustable extension chains. The advantage of this headpiece design is that it will work with any hairstyle.  All you have to do is to adjust the extension chain, and voila! a perfect fit each time. At the same time they offer the flexibility to be worn across the forehead, or higher up, above the hairline

Crowns:  The pieces described as "crown", are full-circle, closed back headpieces. Their circumference is set and cannot be adjusted.  Once the crown is made, it can be worn in only one way.  These headpiece usually work best if you wear your hair long and loose. Their ornate backs provide a stunning accent from the back.

Tiaras:  The tiaras usually look best with a hairstyle that provides the hair with some height behind the tiara, thus providing a background for the tiara to be stand out.  High up-do, or half-up half-down hairstyles look best with taller tiaras. The lower-height tiaras work well with short hairstyles.

Princess Crowns:  The same things that were said above about the tiaras can be said about the princess crowns.  In addition, you can wear the princess crown slightly tilted and off-center to provide for a fun and flirty look.

Headbands :   A headband will look great with any hairstyle and will work exceptionally well with short hair. Depending on the headband you choose, you may be able to wear it after the wedding to a formal event or a night-out.

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